EPNM20-NA - Cisco EPN Manager Network Administration

Networking/Server/Operating Systems
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The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager is a simplified and cost-effective device operation,
administration, network provisioning, and network assurance management solution for today?s converging packet
and optical multilayer networks. This all-in-one, next-generation product provides device management, network
provisioning, and network assurance across core, edge, aggregation, and access networks. EPN Manager
provides end-to-end network management of Carrier Ethernet, optical transport, and circuit emulation over packet
networks. Built on a model-based architecture with content decoupled from the platform, it greatly improves agility
in content delivery by using a common inventory and data model.
This course is designed for network administrators (tier 2 and 3 operator) who monitor and provision the network
by using Cisco EPN Manager.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
? Archive, view, compare, and restore configuration files.
? Update and manage software images.
? Perform compliance audits.
? Configure devices using templates.
? Provision network services.



? Network management experience (SNMP, polling, syslogs)
? Basic understanding of network and device performance statistics
? Basic understanding of network alarms & events
? Experience with manually configuring network devices and provisioning of services using a device?s command line interface (CLI)


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to monitor or provision the network by using Cisco
EPN Manager advanced functions.
Targeted roles include:
? Network administrators (tier 2 and 3)
? System integrators and professional services



Module 1: Configuration Management
o Setup the configuration archive to collect unique versions of device configurations and define how many versions to keep and for how long
o View, compare, label, and deploy archived files by using configuration archive functions

? Module 2: Software Image Management
o Describe Software Image Management and create a repository of software images
o Reliably deploy software images to managed devices

? Module 3: Compliance Management
o Recognize the Compliance Management features and requirements
o Create compliance policies
o Run compliance audits to determine out of compliance devices, and run fix jobs to bring them into compliance

? Module 4: Configuring Devices

o Recognize the Cisco EPN Manager features used to configure devices
o Configure devices using configuration templates
o Create user-defined templates
o Create, use, and monitor plug-and-play to provision devices

? Module 5: Managing Services
o Recognize the provisioning features provided by Cisco EPN Manager
o Create a custom provisioning profile
o Use profiles to provision a service (Carrier Ethernet and Optical)
o Verify that the service that you provisioned is active and functional.
o Troubleshoot and monitor a network service

? Module 6: Lifecycle Management (Use Case)
o Manage the service lifecycle (configure, monitor, troubleshoot) by using the skills that you learned in the course.

? Lab 1: Configuration Management
o Set configuration archive parameters as to when to archive files and for how long to keep them
o View archived configuration files
o Use features of configuration archive to label files and compare them to other archived files
o Rollback a device?s configuration to a previously archived configuration

? Lab 2: Software Image Management
o Set software image repository parameters
o Collect software images from devices and place in the repository
o Schedule and run a job to deploy a software image to a device

? Lab 3: Compliance Management
o Create a compliance policy
o Perform a compliance audit and subsequent fix job for any devices out of compliance

? Lab 4: Configuring Devices
o Configure an object on a single device
o Create user-defined templates
o Configure devices using configuration user-defined template

? Lab 5: Service Provisioning
o Create custom provisioning profile
o Provision a Carrier Ethernet service
o Provision QoS
o Provision an optical circuit
o Manage services by using Cisco EPN Manager features

? Lab 6: Lifecycle Management Use Case
o Configure service
o Monitor service
o Troubleshoot service