EPNM20-OPS - Cisco EPN Manager Operations

Networking/Server/Operating Systems
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The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager is a simplified and cost-effective device operation,
administration, network provisioning, and network assurance management solution for today?s converging packet
and optical multilayer networks. This all-in-one, next-generation product provides device management, network
provisioning, and network assurance across core, edge, aggregation, and access networks. EPN Manager
provides end-to-end network management of Carrier Ethernet, optical transport, and circuit emulation over packet
networks. Built on a model-based architecture with content decoupled from the platform, it greatly improves agility
in content delivery by using a common inventory and data model.
This course is designed for network operators who monitor network health and status by using Cisco EPN



? Network management experience (SNMP, polling, syslogs)
? Basic understanding of network and device performance statistics
? Basic understanding of network alarms & events


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for technical professionals who will use Cisco EPN Manager to monitor network health and status on a day-to-day basis.

Targeted roles include:
? Network operators
? Network administrators
? System administrators
? System integrators and professional services



Module 1: Introduction to Cisco EPN Manager
o Explore the current service provider market trends for managing converged IP routing & optical transport networks
o Discuss the key features and unique architecture of Cisco EPN Manager for managing converged IP routing & optical transport networks (operations, provisioning, and assurance)

? Module 2: Getting Started
o Access Cisco EPN Manager
o Recognize how user accounts are restricted by user groups and assigned to virtual domains to restrict device access
o Navigate the user interface and building a custom dashboard

? Module 3: Viewing the Network
o View collected details about each managed device
o View physical and logical network connectivity

? Module 4: Monitoring Health and Performance
o Recognize how Cisco EPN Manager uses monitoring policies to control the polling and thresholds for objects in the inventory
o Monitor the network using default dashboards and performance graphs, and customize dashboards

? Module 5: Managing Alarms and Events
o Recognize what alarms and events are, and how they are created and updated
o Read and take action on the alarms and events

? Module 6: Viewing Reports
o Review available reports
o Create, schedule, and view reports


Lab Outline

? Lab 1: Access and Navigation
o Access the Cisco EPN Manager?s server using a supported web browser
o Navigate through the Cisco EPN Manager?s tasks and explore its features

? Lab 2: Viewing the Network
o View details about managed objects
o View physical and logical network connectivity by using maps

? Lab 3: Monitoring
o Monitor the network by using default dashboards
o Create custom monitoring dashboards
o View and compare metrics for one or more devices by use performance graphs

? Lab 4: Alarms and Events
o Navigate to the various alarm displays
o View alarm details and perform any necessary actions (acknowledge, add note, e-mail)

? Lab 5: Reports
o Create schedule and view reports