EPNM20-SA - Cisco EPN Manager System Administration

Networking/Server/Operating Systems
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The Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager is a simplified and cost-effective device operation,
administration, network provisioning, and network assurance management solution for today?s converging packet
and optical multilayer networks. This all-in-one, next-generation product provides device management, network
provisioning, and network assurance across core, edge, aggregation, and access networks. EPN Manager
provides end-to-end network management of Carrier Ethernet, optical transport, and circuit emulation over packet
networks. Built on a model-based architecture with content decoupled from the platform, it greatly improves agility
in content delivery by using a common inventory and data model.
This course is designed for system administrators who are tasked with installing and deploying Cisco EPN



By the end of this course, you will be able to:
? Recognize Cisco EPN Manager?s features.
? Recognize the system requirements for Cisco EPN Manager, and procedures for new installations,
upgrades, and high availability.
? Manage licensing.
? Configure the initial server settings and prepare the server for day-1 operations.
? Establish initial device inventory and virtual domains.
? Establish user accounts and their role-based access to EPN Manager?s features and devices.
? Configure monitoring policies and alarm events policies.
? Manage backup and restore, data retention and purging, and software updates.
? Tune and monitor server?s performance



? VMware experience with the installation of OVAs on virtual machines and/or ISO software installation on bare metal machines
? Networking experience (IP addressing, ports, device access, credentials, SNMP, SSH)


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to install and configure the Cisco EPN Manager application in their network environments.
Targeted roles include:
? System administrators
? System integrators and professional services



? Module 1: Introduction to Cisco EPN Manager
o Explore the current service provider market trends for managing converged IP routing and
optical transport networks
o Discuss the key features and unique architecture of Cisco EPN Manager for managing
converged IP routing and optical transport networks (operations, provisioning, and

? Module 2: Installation Topics
o Review installation requirements for the server, managed devices, and network ports
o Learn installation procedures for OVA and ISO deployments
o Manage license files
o Explore options for high availability
o Verify installation
o Learn about options for upgrading from earlier versions

? Module 3: Initial Server Configuration
o Review and configure the server?s preference settings and customer specific credentials for
accessing devices
o Populate the initial device inventory
o Organize devices into virtual domains
o Manage user accounts and assign user groups and domains
o Enable monitoring policies
o Customize alarms and event preferences

? Module 4: Maintenance
o Learn backup/restore procedures
o Learn how to perform periodic software updates
o Examine and configure data retention and purging policies
o Monitor the performance of the server and tune resources as necessary

? Lab 1: Server Setup
o Access and navigate Cisco EPN Manager
o Review possible global settings for the server, user accounts, and Cisco EPN Manager features.

? Lab 2: Adding Devices
o Create credential profiles to be used when discovering devices
o Add devices to Cisco EPN Manager

? Lab 3: Managing Groups and Virtual Domains
o Create location groups used for mapping of devices
o Create virtual domains to scope the devices visible to users

? Lab 4: User Accounts
o Set user account and password attributes
o Add users, set user privilege, and assign to virtual domain

? Lab 5: Monitoring Policies
o View the auto-monitoring policy
o Create a new policy and assign it to Cisco EPN Manager objects (devices and interfaces)

? Lab 6: Customizing Alarm Preferences
o View and set alarm preferences
o Create notification receivers
o View alarm policies

? Lab 7: Maintenance
o Perform backup job and modify backup schedule
o View and modify data retention parameters
o View the System Monitoring dashboard