IWAN v2.0 - Deploying and Configuring IWAN Technologies

Networking/Server/Operating Systems
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This 5 Day course will teach learners how to design and deploy a solution using Cisco IWAN that improves application performance over the WAN while enabling infrastructure consolidation. The learner will also understand Cisco IWAN Technologies such as PFRv3, AVC, WAAS, Akamai Connect & Zone Based Firewall.


Upon completing this course, the student will be able to meet these objectives:

  • The IWAN Transport Overlay
  • Performance Routing Version 3
  • Cisco AVC
  • Cisco WAAS
  • Cisco APPNAV
  • Akamai Connect
  • Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • Branch Security
  • IWAN Management Using Prime and LiveAction


It is recommended that you have the following prerequisite knowledge and skills:

  • Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (ICND1)

Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Network Designer
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer


Module 1 IWAN Overview

  • Why Use IWAN
  • IWAN Base Concepts
  • IWAN

Module 2 Transport Independent Design (Dual DMVPN)

  • EIGRP Overlay Routing
  • BGP Routing on the Overlay Backbone
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
  • DMVPN Phase Summary
  • Front Door VRF
  • DMVPN Configuration - Hub IKEv2 and IPSec
  • DMVPN Configuration - Hub Tunnels
  • DMVPN Configuration - Spokes IKEv2 and IPSec
  • DMVPN Configuration - Spokes Tunnels
  • Check DMVPN
  • Routing Principles

Module 3 PfR Configuration

  • PfR Overview
  • IWAN Sites
    • Device Components and Role
    • Hub Master Controller
    • Hub Border Routers
    • Transit Master Controller
    • Transit Border Routers
    • Branch Routers
    • PfR Policies
    • Advanced Parameters
  • Checking Domain Discovery
    • Hub Site
    • Check Branch Sites
  • Monitoring Operations
    • Monitor Site Prefixes
    • Monitor Traffic Classes
    • Traffic Class Summary
    • Traffic Class Details
  • Monitor Channels

Module 4: Cisco Wide-Area Application Services

  • Introducing Cisco WAAS
  • Installing and Configuring the Virtual Environment
  • Installing and Configuring Cisco VWAAS
  • Implementing Cisco Central Management
  • Configuring Application Traffic Policies
  • Configuring Cisco VWAAS Virtualization

Module 5: Cisco APPNAV

  • Installing APPNAV Controllers
  • APPNAV-XE Controller Configuration
  • Monitoring the APPNAV Controller
  • APPNAV Troubleshooting-XE
  • APPNAV Troubleshooting

Module 6: Cisco WAAS Configuration

  • Introducing Cisco WAAS Traffic Interception

Module 7: Cisco WAAS Application Optimizers

  • Configuring CIFS Optimization
  • Configuring TFO Optimization
  • Configuring MAPI Optimization
  • Configuring HTTP Optimization
  • Configuring SSL and Optimization
  • Configuring Cisco WAAS Windows Network Printing
  • Configuring Streaming Video Optimization
  • Configuring MS-port-mapper Optimization
  • Configuring ica Optimization
  • Configuring NFS Optimization
  • Configuring Video Optimization

Module 8: Cisco WAAS Troubleshooting

  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting Introduction
  • Troubleshooting Network Interception
  • Troubleshooting WAN Optimization
  • Files For TAC Troubleshooting

Module 9: Akamai Connect

  • Akamai Connect Overview

Module 10 Intelligent WAN: Secure Connectivity

  • IPSec VPN and Access Control
  • Cisco Router Security Certifications
  • Secure Boot
  • IOS Zone-Based Firewall
  • Protecting the Public facing IWAN Interfaces with FrontDoor VRF
  • General IOS Security measures for Internet facing interfaces Cloud Web Security (CWS)

Module 11 Managing the IWAN Environment

  • Prime Infrastructure
  • LiveAction

Lab Outline

  • Configure Overlay Network with DMVPN
  • Configure Performance Routing v3
  • Installing and Configuring Cisco VWAAS
  • Installing and Configuring Cisco ISR-WAAS
  • Configuring Cisco APPNAV
  • Configure WAAS Central Manager
  • Configure and Optimize - Application Optimizers
  • Configure Akamai Connect
  • Troubleshoot Cisco ISR-WAAS and VWAAS
  • Configure Prime Infrastructure and LiveAction
  • Configuring IWAN Router Security