These are some of the testimonials of our satisfied students taking computer classes at IDT. DARE TO COMPARE

  • Anthony Shelton

    I am glad I acquired computer training at Integrated Digital Technologies, Inc. When I was laid off from my previous full-time employer, I inquired about how I may obtain computer training to further develop my skills. I found IDT (Integrated Digital Technologies, Inc.) to offer various programs that I was interested. When I went to the office of the training center, I met Emilio Savany who is the director. He allowed me to fill out a form to see which program would be the most appropriate for me. After taking his advice, I decided to obtain the MCITP (Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional) certification program. That may have been one of the most appropriate decisions I made in seeking training. At IDT, the staff is very friendly and welcoming. The instructors give the students necessary tools to prepare them for taking certification exams. They also assist with job placements. Since I have been attending IDT, I have been successful in passing all certification exams for MCITP. The best studying technique used was to allow myself to absorb the information given by my instructor on a daily basis. I set projected deadlines as to when I wanted to take particular exams. Because the information seemed cumbersome, I allowed myself to rehearse certain sections of the material repetitiously until I felt comfortable with knowing the subject matter and having it down pat. I learned that it takes dedication to prepare for the exams. This approach was successful in that I passed my certification exams for the MCITP training program.

    Anthony Shelton, Student

  • Corey Calhoun

    How are you and yours I hope all is well, please allow me to start by saying, Thank you very much for all of your tremendous support, time and patience. I truly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you have put into helping students like myself achieve success.

    I've now completed 3 to 4 tests thanks to you. I'm now a certified MCP/MCSA soon to be a MCSE. Please see testimonial attached thanks again for everything. I also wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me and our discussion with regards to receiving the 3 days Windows Server course free along with a copy of Windows Server witch will be also greatly appreciated and not wasted. Thanks again Juan

    P.S. I would also like you to take under heavy consideration Emilio and Victor Azula in your next raise discussion making process. In my option these are definitely great men as if you didn't already know that, but you know it true when other sources confirm it also. I feel these men are deserving of such a gracefuller and profitable reward do to all of there countless hours of hard work and detection to help me achieve success also.

    I Have a Dream Testimonial

    I have a dream of being a certified IT professional and Integrated Digital Technologies has made that a reality me. When I've look for words of wisdom I think of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his inspiring speech herd around the world "I have a dream".

    Well I to had a dream that IDT help to make came true and I've learned sens god gave thus life it's now up to you and what you make of it, for dreams that come true and don't come true.

    Integrated Digital Technologies Juan Rodriguez, Emilio Savany and staff are and always shall be considered as my life line to MCSE successes. These men step-up and help you achieve your IT dreams to become better as a professional and person I am now a Certified MCSE. You can do it too, if you dream big IDT can make it come to fruition.

    Corey Calhoun, Network Administrator

  • George Tannehill

    I hope your Friday is going well. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to us yesterday about the new resource that IDT is offering it’s students – I am a firm believer that every little bit helps. I’ve already posted my resume online and will be checking back frequently – it’s a great site to hone interviewing skills and more importantly, an excellent resource for job hunting! Per our discussion, I also wanted to go ahead and email you a copy of my resume for your files. Overall, I think it reads well but if time permits and you have any feedback, I would appreciate that.

    I was so sorry to hear about the staffing changes that recently were made. I can only say that everyone at IDT has helped make a really bad situation so much easier to deal with. It’s not only given me a routine that I thoroughly enjoy but a new-found confidence I hadn't felt in awhile, thanks in large part to Greg Esmas. He’s not only a great “SME,” as they call it these days, but the rapport he has with his students is terrific. As our little group starts to disband and move forward professionally, I hope the friends I've made at IDT remain a constant in my life.

    George Tannehill, Student

  • Jerome Liscano

    I attended IDT in Pasadena back in 1997 and pursued their Microsoft MCSE NT 4.0 track. I attained the MCSE NT 4.0 certification in 1998 and was the first MCSE at my employer. From that point on, my career at opened up. I was able to get a better raise and was promoted within 12 months.

    I have kept in touch with Juan and staff since I left IDT in 1998. Today, they are still my primary testing center because they have always been very personable through the years. Even though there are testing centers nearby work and home, I do make the drive out to Glendale (and their previous location in Pasadena) because of those reasons. Staff has come and go but Juan is always there with an open door willing to help out anytime.

    In reality, certifications do get you recognized and your "foot in the door". I'm glad I started out my career with IDT. 12 years into my IT profession, I couldn't have advanced without their guidance.

    Thanks Juan!!!

    Jerome Liscano, Network Administrator

  • John Patrick Scully

    Thanks to IDT I have been able to stay employable through the worst of times. Having the certs and the knowledge that comes from IDT’s real world educators I have been able to walk into the IT world with confidence that was molded from teachers that gave me the tools to deal with problems that come your way in the IT world. Not just computers but also the personalities that work with those computers. I now work in the Entertainment field and still fall back on what I learned from IDT. Thanks to my teachers, students and the staff.

    John Patrick Scully, Student

  • Michael South

    Hey Emilio here is the letter. Please, I would appreciate it if you and Juan refrain from blushing…. ;)

    I was out of work and in need of new training. With the help of the WIA I was able to receive real world training for advancing my career and getting back to work. The courseware was top notch as IDT truly spends the time to find the best books and study aids for their courses. The instructors there are absolute experts in the field. Furthermore IDT’s instructors take the time to help you understand complex theories and important Exam objectives. More than that, they help you prepare for real world IT situations and issues. You will walk out of IDT better prepared for your Exam and most certainly a 100% return on investment for your organization! Believe me I have visited other so-called “boot camps”, and national corporate IT learning centers, there is no comparison to the level of thoughtfulness and professionalism that IDT presents to their students. If your serious about advancing your skill set, you owe to yourself and your organization to attend IDT for all your IT learning needs!

    Michael South, Student

  • Oscar Saucedo

    I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the excellent MCTIP training curriculum that IDT has provided me. Greg Esmas did a wonderful job instructing our class. He took the time to walk to each students station to help resolve issues during lab exercises. From the time I walked into the facility, I was always greeted with a warm smile from Gabriela, who always had our course books ready before the beginning of each class. The whole staff at IDT (Emilio, Juan, Alfredo) was always ready and willing to assist with any concerns that would arise. The actually facility itself was also great as was the training material. All the classroom hardware was up-to-date and in working order. I never had to move to another station because my computer was always up and running. I feel the training has equipped me to be more successful in my job search. Glendale gets very hot during the summer, so it was nice to have the AC working all the time!

    I have already recommended IDT to several peers who are looking to update their technical skills. I would definitely attend future courses at IDT.

    Oscar Saucedo, Network Administrator

  • Robert Russell

    Since being laid off by my former employer I felt I needed training for a new career and through my job assistance organization found Integrated Digital Technologies on the web. IDT was a very good experience for me. From signing up for instructional classes to testing, I found the staff to be very professional and supportive.

    The classroom environment was excellent as were the instructors. They were very knowledgeable and patient in answering questions as well as providing outside sources of ways to gain more knowledge. I took the A+ course and the MCSE course and came away with a deeper understanding of everything from hardware to managing windows servers including designing, implementing, and configuring client- server solutions. Although fast paced the course modules were very in depth.

    IDT had all the pieces in one location, classroom setup, courses, practice exams, and formal testing. I would and have recommended IDT to others who were looking to either change or enhance their career.

    Robert Russell, Student

  • Sandra P

    My experience as an IDT student, I would have to say was very satisfying. All the trainers here take a personal interest in teaching their students and making sure they understand the material very thoroughly.

    Sandra P, MIS Manager Los Angeles Police Protective League

  • Sean Yi

    Since being laid off as a web developer, I was struggling to find any relevant employment, especially with today's increasing competitive requirements for technical jobs such as a web developer. I decided to try my hand at increasing my marketability by attaining some of the Microsoft developer certifications. I visited several IT consultants and training facilities that offer the Microsoft developer curriculum and IDT of Glendale stood out the most. Right at the start, Emilio at the frontdesk was very helpful. Having seen that I had work experience and understanding my situation, Emilio went out and found an agency that actually funded my entire curriculum!

    The material was excellent, the material provided from these courses are not available anywhere on the internet. The class environment was great, a lot of labs, which I later found out were pivotal when taking the actual MCPD exams. Victor, the instructor, was very friendly and made sure we succeeded in learning the material and passing the exams. Of course, it took a lot of discipline and studying, as well, but with my determination and the help of Emilio and Victor, I completed my MCPD in Web Development with extremely high marks. Not only that, I now have a newfound confidence that I did not have before, of knowing that I actually know how to develop complex ASP.net web applications built specifically how Microsoft intended developers to program them.

    Sean Yi, .Net Programmer